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State Central Procurement Officials Rank Priorities for 2020

Based on input from state CPOs, the 2020 Top 10 Priorities for State Procurement reflect core procurement issues nationwide. Leading Procurement Strategy Statewide is the front-runner for the new year, holding steady among the most important topics for the past six years.  Providing leadership for statewide planning, policy setting, centralized oversight and data-gathering and analysis will be

Sole Source Procurement

NASPO releases 2019 Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement & Top Five Horizon Issues

The two lists Top 10 Priorities and Top 5 Horizon Issues for State Procurement reflect current nationwide priorities as well as forward-looking issues that are likely to impact state procurement. The 2019 priority list debuts three front-runners: Agency Relations and Customer Service, Continuous Improvement Methodologies and Contract Administration. Maximizing eProcurement solutions ranked fourth and measuring

Modular Procurement: A Primer

Modular procurement methods can help state procurement officials achieve simplicity in the most complicated procurements, breaking down projects into manageable stages and helping to ensure that the end-product is one that solves problems and improves the services provided by state government. This research brief provides an introduction to modular procurement, exploring the different philosophies and

NASPO releases 2018 Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement & Companion list of Top Three Horizon Issues

Based on a ranking from state CPOs, the Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement reflect core procurement issues important nationwide. For the first time this year, the Top Three Horizon Issues was added, as a list of top emerging issues, based on CPO input due to their potential impact on state procurement in 2018. NASPO develops programs, conference sessions,

Tech Next: Leasing vs. Owning Hardware and Software

To Buy or to Lease? That is the question NASPO is exploring in our newest edition of the Tech Next series! In this publication, we explore the options available when it comes to leasing or buying hardware and software, discuss the benefits and challenges that come with both methods of IT procurement, and provide additional

NASPO Partners with NASCIO to Release a Joint Roadmap for State IT Procurement Reform

NASPO and NASCIO are proud to release a joint roadmap for state information technology (IT) procurement reform and process transformation! This publication includes 18 joint recommendations for IT procurement in the following categories: relationship building, procurement processes, centralization, and legislation & policy. The paper also includes key takeaways from the survey of CPOs and CIOs

State Central Procurement Officials Rank Priorities for 2017

State CPOs recognized the strategic role of state central procurement as their number one priority for 2017. This includes centralized procurement authority, elevated role of the central procurement office in the hierarchy of the executive branch and active participation in creating an enterprise vision for the state. Procurement workforce professionalization and integrated eProcurement/ERP solutions increased

Data Analytics: What’s in the Numbers?

NASPO members from Texas, Virginia, and Florida share how their states are using the powerful tools of operational performance metrics and data analytics to improve procurement processes. View Webinar Now

Statewide Centralization Infographic

Statewide centralization and enhancing the strategic role of state central procurement have been front and center for many states. NASPO recognized statewide centralization as one of its top priorities for 2016. This infographic report presents a quick overview of the main drivers for change towards centralization, reported successes, challenges and risk factors, based on information

Critical Success Areas and Key Performance Indicators for State Central Procurement Offices

This publication recommends critical success areas and key metrics for state central procurement offices. NASPO identified four critical success areas and key performance indicators (KPIs) that the state central procurement organization should focus on to be successful. NASPO suggests using this limited number of metrics defined for each  area as central to the success of

Workforce Webinar Series: CPOs and the Future Workforce

A panel of Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) with varied backgrounds and experience discuss the future of the state procurement workforce from behind the CPOs’ desk. You will learn about recruitment and retention strategies, workforce challenges, including what works and what doesn’t for attracting millennials into state government, and much more. VIEW WEBINAR NOW

Workforce Webinar Series: Millennials in State Procurement

The term “millennial generation” gets used a lot to describe the workforce of the future, but what does it really mean for the procurement director and their office? This webinar series is your opportunity to find out! What can your office do to help retain millennial employees for longer periods of time or get them

State Central Procurement Officials Rank Priorities for 2016

Based on a ranking from State Central Procurement Officials nationally, the Top Ten Priorities For State Procurement sets the agenda for thought leadership and programming for the profession. For the second year, state CPO’s collectively ranked process reform and reengineering as the number one priority for state procurement in 2016. This includes encouraging streamlined procurement processes, modernize procurement law,

Recruitment and Retention

Documents to download Strategic Role of Procurement Fact SheetFact Sheet Staff Retention and Recruitment

Strategic Role of Procurement

Documents to download Fact Sheet Strategic Role of Procurement

UPPCC Certification

Documents to download UPPCC Certification Fact SheetFact Sheet Strategic Role of Procurement

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Documents to download Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Fact Sheet

Strategic Sourcing

Documents to download Strategic Sourcing Fact Sheet

Procurement Ethical Practices and Principles

Documents to download Procurement Ethical Practices and Principles Fact Sheet

Pathways to Value: Shared Services and E-Procurement

The National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) and the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) jointly released a report featuring two case studies developed by Leadership for a Networked World on state government shared services and e-procurement. Pathways to Value: Shared Services and E-Procurementwas created after the associations co-hosted the NASCA and NASPO

Has State Government Moved to the Cloud?

An infographic on State Practices for Cloud Implementation NASPO collected information from states through the Cloud Services Survey. This Cloud Infographic offers a snapshot of the key data points from the survey, including existing practices, contracting models that are currently used, challenges and solutions for a successful implementation of cloud solutions and many more. Documents

2015 Spring Legislative Report

NASPO’s members-only Bills and Regs Tracker on the NASPO Network tracks procurement-related state and federal legislation and regulation. This quarterly report, released in May 2015, summarizes key issues tracked to date. Documents to download LegislativeReport

Capitals in the Clouds Part VII: A Case Study of Cloud Procurement

California’s Cloud Infrastructure In July of last year, the state of California launched a service that marked a dramatic shift in the way that state governments procure and provide cloud services to their consumers. This offering is the subject of a new case study published jointly by the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO)

Tales from the Trenches

Evolution of Strategic Sourcing Strategic sourcing has been around for a few decades. This paper provides valuable insight into the use of this approach to state procurement. It discusses benefits and challenges, common misconceptions, how it differs from traditional procurement and where it can add value. Information obtained through phone interviews with 15 states are

NASPO Releases Top 10 Focus Areas for State Procurement

NASPO announces the release of its inaugural Top 10 Focus Areas for State Procurement for 2015. The priority areas will help narrow the association’s focus when developing new publications and research, planning conference sessions, and hosting webinars to share best procurement practices. The top 10 ranking of state procurement focus areas reflects the collective voice of State

Green Purchasing Guide

This revised guide is an easy-to-use tool including basic concepts of green purchasing, twelve steps to developing a working program, sample calculators, a Glossary of Terms, links to green purchasing policies and programs currently utilized in other states and localities, NASPO webinar recordings, state green profiles, fact sheets, and much more. Access Guide

State Procurement Adds Value and Jobs

The paper highlights the value that state procurement professionals bring to state government, focusing on ways in which procurement generates state savings, creates and sustains private sector jobs, and ensures state procurement integrity. It also includes a discussion on how state executive leadership can help support state procurement’s ability to add value to states. Documents

Credit/Debit Card Interchange Fees and State Procurement

This paper reviews recent reforms to interchange fees, discusses potential implications for state governments’ procurement card programs, associated with the terms of the proposed settlement agreed between payment card networks and merchants. In addition, the paper identifies key areas for procurement officials to consider in order to guide potential adjustments to state procurement card programs

Meeting the Challenges of World-Class Procurement

This paper looks at the challenges faced by senior procurement officials in administering a procurement system that achieves value, provides an equitable chance for companies to participate, and overall promotes public confidence in the integrity of the process. The focus of this paper is on what our elected officials and other senior leadership can do

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Implications for State Procurement Officials

Documents to download NASPO_HealthcareWhitepaper_July2011

Cooperation and Collaboration in State Higher Education Procurement

Documents to download NASPO_HigherEdProcurement_Complete

Comparative Review of State IT Procurement Practices

Documents to download NASPO_IT_Procurement_Whitepaperfinal2

Strength in Numbers: An Introduction to Cooperative Procurements (Update)

Documents to download Cooperative_Purchasing0410update

Administrative Fees: Creative Funding for Central Procurement in Difficult Economic Times

Documents to download NASPO_White_Paper__Administrative_Fees_Final_090909

Responding to an Aging and Changing Workforce: Attracting, Retaining, and Developing New Procurement Professionals

Documents to download Responding_to_an_Aging_and_Changing_Workforce_-_FINAL_compressed

Benchmarking Cost Savings & Cost Avoidance

Documents to download Benchmarking_Cost_Savings__and_Cost_Avoidance

An In-Depth Look at GSA Cooperative Purchasing: The Benefits and Issues Surrounding State Usage of Schedule Contracts

Documents to download GSAWhitepaper-FINAL

Strength in Numbers: An Introduction to Cooperative Procurements

Documents to download CooperativePurchasingBrief

Offshoring and Procurement: Positioning for the Future

Documents to download OffshoringIssueBrief

Procurement Lobbying within State Government: An Emerging Trend

Documents to download WhitePaper_on_VendorLobbying

The Measure of Our Success: The Challenge and Opportunity of State Procurement Performance Measures

Documents to download TheMeasureofOurSuccess

Getting What You Need on the Way to the Win-Win! Leveraging the RFP in State Technology Procurements

Documents to download leveragingRFP1

Negotiating IP on the Way to the Win-Win: NASCIO’s Intellectual Property Recommendations

Documents to download Negotiating_IP

State Procurement: Strategic Positioning for the 21st Century

This is an online resource. Click here to see it now.

Buying Smart: Blueprint for Action

Download Document Buying_Smart_Blueprint

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