NASPO Webinars

  • Small Business Engagement Play
  • GovWin IQ NASPO Member Training Play
  • Cybersecurity + Procurement Play
  • An Ounce of Prevention Play
  • Don’t Get Lost in Space II: Virtual Learning Best Practices Play
  • NASPO Academic Affairs Initiatives Play
  • eProcurement: What It Is & What It Isn’t Play
  • Make NASPO Work for You: An Introduction to NASPO Resources Play
  • Small Business Crisis Response: A Discussion with KYPTAC Play
  • Student Perspectives on Public Procurement Play
  • Data Analytics Demystified Play
  • Four Strategies for Effecting Change in Government Agencies Play
  • NASPO Continuous Improvement Webinar June 6, 2018 Play
  • Best Practices: Reverse Auctions & P3 Partnerships Play
  • Best Practices: Calculating the Value of Buying Green Play
  • Best Practices: Building Agency Relations and Communications Play

Cronin Webinar Series

  • All PPE Submissions Compilation Play
  • Cronin Awards 2019: New York Innovates with Online File Requirements System Play
  • Cronin Awards 2019: Massachusetts Uses Vendor Report Information System for Meaningful Analytics Play
  • Cronin Awards 2019: Minnesota’s Innovation in Solicitation, Evaluation, & Award of Contracts Play
  • Cronin Awards 2019: Michigan Circumventing Risk with Unique Contract Management Play
  • Cronin Awards 2019: Florida’s Market Analysis System Creates Procurement Strategy (MAPS) Play
  • Cronin Awards 2018: Oklahoma’s E-Government Revolution Play
  • Cronin Awards 2018: Massachusetts Local Government & E-Procurement Integration Play
  • Cronin Awards 2018: Alaska’s Continuous Improvement Method Play
  • Cronin Awards 2018: Florida’s Contract Education Program (Concierge Service) Play
  • Cronin Awards 2018: Michigan’s KPI System and Analytics Play
  • Cronin Finalist Webinar Series- State of Georgia, Amazon Business in Team Georgia Marketplace™ Play
  • Cronin Awards 2018: Utah ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Procurement Play
  • 2017 Cronin Awards: FAC85 Environmentally Preferable Contact Play
  • 2017 Cronin Awards: Wisconsin’s Negotiation Skills Training Program Play
  • 2017 Cronin Awards: Tennessee’s Radio Equipment and Services Contracts Play
  • 2017 Cronin Awards: New Jersey’s eProcurement System (NJSTART) Play
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